December 21, 2008

My fingers are so cold I'm having issues typing

But I shall not be detured! I'm finishing this frigging chapter, or my name is not Sarah and I am not a kick ass bassoonist. But, seriously, I'm aiming for a thousand and six hundred words for each chapter, and I want to finish my novel (tis #2) by january, so on January first I can start draft Two of my first novel. Let me thank all of you who are reading my new novel as I write it. I appreciate feedback. I less than four you, yup, that's how awesome ya'll are, so awesome that less than three isn't enough.<4
So today I SLEPT! Which suck, because I was trying to watch 'Year Without A Santa Clause' which you all [didn't] know is my Favorite Christmas special of all time. ALL TIME people!
And I've been Reading 'No Plot? No Problem?' by Chris Baty, it's all about NaNoWriMo, which you should recall if you've been reading my blogs, was last month. It's taken me a month and a half to find it, but I did. It sucks though, that I did'nt have it for NaNoWriMo, because if I had, all my papers would have had 'Future Bad Ass Novelist' in them in my novel planning pen. It's okay though, There's always next year :D
My lame-o cousin hasn't been on skype in forever (i be doofusmaximus btw) and it's buggin the shit out of me. I haven't talked to her in forever and I really need to. Cuzzy Wuzzy, if you're reading this, Get Online!
I still haven't heard back from the friend who's on the edge of eating disorder and being a normal self concious teenage girl. My guess is she's not gonna talk to me ever again. But it's okay because I wouldn't talk to anyone planning on sending the counselor on my ass either.
Off to go shovel again, in the dark,


PS, don't be supprised if you get a random blog late at night screaming chapter completed. I'm your favorite, remember that :P

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'Dear Maria, Count Me In' by All Time Low. Yuppers. It's pretty nifty. Makes me wish I was a Maria. 

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i loves that song :)

from atthecross40 (Rachel)... for some reason mah password isn't being accepted, so, yeah.