December 24, 2008

Less than 1 hour and a half till Christmas

And I still have to Wrap presents x_x so yeah. I'm so frigging tired. But I don't get to sleep, cause mum will come home early and we'll have Christmas at some unearthly early hour of the morning. yay presents! I was gonna try and draw something for my aunt too, but I dunno if that will happen.
Christmas mass was awesome, Father Mike for the Holy Win. :D
I have to go clean the shower :D I was washing my person, when I had a break through for my vampire novel, something important BEFORE i start draft 2. So I smeared liquid soap all over the walls of the shower and used my finger to write in it. Just know this, Evil vampires are on hitler's side. (yeah, don't ask, it's safer that way)
Sorry, no music video today, but do you guys actually like them? You've got to tell me.
Have a Merry Christmas (cause I'm pretty sure all my watchers are Christian [Catholic be Kate]) So I'm not putting forth effort to not offend those of other religions, Which are equally nice, but I'm to tired so yeah. Meh.
Guten Abent

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atthecross (Rachel) said...

thanks and merry christmas to you too! i love this time of year, it reminds me of how much Jesus loves me, i mean imagine GOD being born as a baby! wow it's kinda mindblowing isn't it??