December 23, 2008

Over My Head

I totally forgot what day it is. It's Christmas Eve Eve, or a day after the winter solstic. I personally don't like winter any more. Tis suckish. It's dark after Five, and I still need to get the mail -_-
I was very productive today, Cleaning and putting things away, doing laundry and writing chapter Five, which I will post (rachel) and if you want to read it, email and I'll make it so you can see it :D Over 7 Thousand words yay! But not nearly as good as my Vampire Novel, which I am going to read over a few times before looking at my friends edits again and starting draft two.
I frosted Christmas Cookies! And if I finish the hippo one's you'll get pictures, but they may have to wait till tomorrow. I dunno yet.
Off to write some more 


| Watch
| This
| Or just listen (it's just lyrics)
'Over My Head (cable car)' by the Fray


atthecross (Rachel) said...

hey, speaking of vampireness, i somehow am no longer able to read that blog. what happened?? i is sooo sad, i needs some vampireynessish! :P

bookwrm93 said...

aww, i love this song, the fray is my favorite!