October 28, 2008


Yeah, that's November and I am psyched! I mean, I have a plot in my head, and I'm going like mad to get it all down. I only have like, 4 days! Yeah! Harry and I are SO ready to start this. Woo!
I just signed up and I am PUMPED! Gosh I'm such a nerd, but I don't care. Lemme tell you, I am so excited and it's only 1:51 am on October 28th. Gosh. I just read my 'welcome aboard' email. There were 3 tips for NaNoWriMo, and I think I need to tell you #3;

3) Tell everyone you know that you're writing a novel in November. This will pay big dividends in Week Two, when the only thing keeping you from quitting is the fear of looking pathetic in front of all the people who've had to hear about your novel for the past month. Seriously. Email them now about your awesome new book. The looming specter of personal humiliation is a very reliable muse.
3.5) There will be times you'll want to quit during November. This is okay. Everyone who wins NaNoWriMo wanted to quit at some point in November. Stick it out. See it through. Week Two can be hard. Week Three is much better. Week Four will make you want to yodel.
And we're talking the good kind of yodeling here.

So yeah, I'm telling you, IM GONNA WRITE AN AWESOME NOVEL! There. Now I have to or I will seem pathetic. Very Pathetic.

Oh. go to http://www.wefeelfine.org/ and click 'Open We Feel Fine' It's the coolest thing ever. :d

Why is no one up at 1:56 am? Hmmmm? I demand an explination!

So yeah, now, hurry, go to http://www.nanowrimo.org/ and sign up! This be me- http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/430421 We can be writing buddies!

It's 2 am and none of you lamo's are on, so Imma go scope the forums xO


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atthecross (Rachel) said...

YESSSSSSSS!! i shall have to do that... oh wait... does it have to be a new novel? and can it be a novella?? cuz i have like... 3 novels that im working on (i has 165 pages of one! ha! yay me!) and one mostly-complete novella... but i guess the point is to start and finish a new one. hmm. a mystery... (to quote haru of fruba fame)

yeah, i think that was one of the longest comments ive evet left! lucky you! :)