October 26, 2008

No You're Not Hardcore, Unless You Live Hardcore!

Yeah, I just watched School of Rock again. Tis Awesome! Lemme tell you, that song and the one line 'Your kids touched me, and I'm sure I touched them,' Priceless.
I never Rick Rolled the dog, I need to. And I've started Playing Second Life. WTF are you supposed to do. All I could do was make my person less of a dweeb. I have no Money, and the first thing that happened was I was hit on. WTF it's like runescape all over again. Oh, let's try runescape.. Sorrry, nerd attack. Umm.
Yeah so I think I'm gonna Draw Rick, to go with my Rick Roll Obsession, but I also need to draw a nice cartoon of the Jonas Brothers, and a portrait of one of them, so I can give an example. I've offered to do art for 1st and 2nd place for Jonas Fans Unite on Deviantart's Christmas Contest. You can View your dA Page Here, and the contest info Here. I told Rebel not to post my prize untill I sent examples, so Imma send her some nice, New, Jonas Related ones :D
Lemme Tell you, I'm having Bassoon withdrawls, not playing it for what, 3 Days. Tis way to long. I almost sucked on my reed, but I don't want to get my sick Germs on it, keeping myself sick. And I cant find any old reeds. And you know I'm so hard core any mold wouldn't bother me. :D I'll prove it if you'd like :P
So I've been trying to Learn German. I can give you drei sentences, but I cant get all the umlatts so I'm not about to type any for you. I kinda wanna learn French too. I mean, I have a few RL life friends, 2 OL friends, and One RL friend who I talk to Online who all Love french. It's tempting, lemme tell you. But then Again, Italian would be good if I want to be a Music Major. Oy. Ayuda Me! (teehee, spanish). But seriously, if anyone takes any language other then English, lemme know what you think of it. :D
I have Can't Have You stuck in my head, along with Never Gonna Give You Up. Lemme Tell you, it's an odd combo.
So I watch a few blogs, and I only know 2 of the people in RL, but I finally realized why I like reading those of other people. I like People. No, I'm not dilusional, which you're saying if you know me. I like how people are, I like people watching, why should the internet be any different. I am an Observer. Now, the distain I feel toward those I know in real life, that is because they lack my wonderful personality, and have their own Rotton ones.

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atthecross (Rachel) said...

i take spanish and loves it