October 31, 2008

Screw Halloween, it's less then 3 hours till NaNoWriMo

I threw up this morning, goodie, so I slept and was forced to eat today, and then we went to the grandparents house dresses as Pirates! (inside joke). They lost power for some unknown reason, so we went out to dinner, and I had the best Veggie Wrap Ever, then we went to her house. We set up mum's face pumpkin and mine that I carved the Slytherin crest in(his name's Salazar!) with Glowsticks and then went in and everyone had peach pie. Durring that time I was also planning my novel, naming the minions that may not even be mentioned in my novel ect ect.
So Now I'm listening to my Veronicas CD, Hook Me Up, and counting down the minutes! Ohh 160 Minutes left till NaNoWriMo!
I do need to find a way to get more caffine so I can have late night writing sessions, I only have one can of Amp at the moment(so not enough). So yeah, but band thing tommorow I can't get out of, but other then that I have the whole weekend to write and sleep. Yay!


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