October 26, 2008

I Rick Roll'd a Cat...

Yup. I'm sitting here, trying to stop the flow of God knows what from my nose, and decided to Rick Roll The Cat, Abner. I think I have to Draw This Rick Dude and then Put a short clip of me Rick Rolling the cat at the end, for youtube.

I need to get Paper Towns too, I have like book withdrawl. And for some reason that reminds me I need to carve my Pumpkin, Friday Is halloween, isn't it. I got this Huge one. Do you know what it get's? Draco Malfoy, of Course. It's me we're talking about.
I'm still sick, and it's really bugging me. I've decided I'm going to get me some Dr.Who On DVD, because 11 at night on Saturday and whenever I can randomly catch it on Sci-fi isn't enough. I did get to see 'Satan's Pit' again yesterday. Lemme tell you, Ood=Cool As Hell (lolz, I made a funny)
So yeah, bored out of my mind. Imma go rick roll one of the dogs now.


1 comment:

Apathy is MY name said...

the cat, the dog no BIRD? whats wrong with you!