October 27, 2008

So. Tired. So. Sick.

This is REALLY pissing me off. I want to be able to breath. I want to stop having guck running from my nose, ears and eyes. All I did today was sleep, no school, which is suckish. My art teacher's gonna be pissed off. And Thank God I dont have gym on MWF or I'd have 2 to make up. I'm planning on going to school tommorow, I'll stay awake untill gym, and then go to the Nurse after Gym, err 5th period? I dunno. Figures, I don't have my thinking classes untill after Gym. (yeah, I have art-geometry-band-spanish-gym-earth sci. They dont cause me to think. Then I have english and history; those are the book larnin' clauses)
I've just wasted like, 4 days, which is extremely suckish. I never want to see my bed again. I'm thinking it should be taken to a toxic waste ,erm, place, so It doesn't infect anyone else. Ugh!
Imma go shower. I've got to scrub the marker off my arm. Did I mention I have a tendancy to draw the dark mark on my arm? Yeah. I always wondered if Draco ever got one, being a DEIT(death eater in training) Yeah... So In french I can call you short or tall. Sound like Jooo Schweee Peteet.. Yeah. Adios

Yeah, one other thing. Ever try to Cartoonify the Jonas Brothers? Yeah, well, Kevin's Hair is A Bitch. UGH! That is all


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