December 28, 2008

It's Still Saturday, Cause I haven't been to bed yet

So This is in # Parts
1.What I did Today (I don't care if it's 1:30 AM, it's still Saturday)
3.Translating German
5.Jackson Rathbone aka Jasper Hale
6.Novel infoooo

Part One
So Today was kinda boring. I cropped the drawing I did yesterday, Napped, Cleaned the 
kitchen and livingroom. I talked to Bethany.. And then at like 10:30 P
M, Padre and I watched Chronicals of Narnia; Lion The Witch & The Wordrobe. Gosh, is it
 sad my father and I have tons of inside jokes? I hope not. 
A majorit
y of my day was also spent (sorry) yelling and cursing at Windows Movie Maker, because it took atleast Half a Dozen hours for my latest video alone, just saving. But that's okay, I guess.
Part Dos
Deviantart Annoys me. I will 'x' out something I have no intrest in seeing, like fanfiction by some
one i'm watching, whose never posted that before, but is so enthralled by something I've never heard of, that they just had to write it. But Devian
tart likes to not save and make me deal with it again.
Part Drei
So you may not know this, but I really like the German language. The CD you see to the left is 1 of 3 german CD's I own, and is one
 of two by Killerpilze (in english Killer mushrooms) For a youtube video I'm planning [yes, Imma youtube addict, 
sue me] I am translating the
 one song, Liebmichhassmich, meaning love me hate me. If you look toward the right *Hopefully* you will see what I have so far. You may not be able to read it, it's only the first two lines of German in Black pen, with literal english translations below. When I go all video, It wont go 'I know not what love is' I will just put I don't know what love is. Stuff like that. I doubt I will get much more of it done. I'm to much of a procrastinator. I'd like to finish with the whole song, it's not real long, but at my rate, I wont' be done translating before 2010 starts. xD If any of you speak German and would be willing to proof read, that'd be awesome. My school teaches not German, so I have to do it all mahself. :(
Part Four
I think I may be addicted to youtube, ask Gustav, the new video camera. (yeah, that's him to the left) That's okay, right? I mean, if it helps me as an artist, and is good motivation, That's alright, right? I dunno.
If you want to subscribe to me, mine is and I'm told that other than my art videos, I'm mildly entertaining. And the new camera means even better ones, like my speed drawing of Jackson Rathbone, which you will see in my Fifth part of this blog. [look down]
Part funf
So if you read my last blog (rachel) you may have read I drew Jackson Rathbone and possibly squeeled (rachel) but I won't name anyone *coughrachelcough* I don't like it. In fact, I want to name it the most epicly epic fail on paper... But I wont. The video is below, and in hours it's gotten more views then my latest vlog has in two days. lolz.
Ze Video
*Note the ruler of doom. It's why I don't like drawing from life... People dont like you taking a ruler to their face... Hey! That's going in the next youtube vid. :D
Part Six
Yeah, the Band Geek Novel = On hold. I'm in a Vampire state of mind. I have many pages full in my first mini notebook already. But i'm comming up with awesome ideas for more novels, so those are in their too. I'm actually carrying around 2 notebooks; One for novels, one for just everyday things, funny life things, you never know when they would fit good in a novel.
Part Seven



atthecross (Rachel) said...

Killer mushrooms? noice. :P

jackson rathbone= still squee, though i have yet to watch the vid. in a minute. or mayhap tomorrow. (i loves speaking olde-english-style. hee!)

btw, to double-check your german translation, you could always use babelfish or something along those lines.

and... i have been reading the vampire blog as promised, and WHEEEEEEE! I LOVES IT TO DEATH!! (lol, teh lame pun intended) i will hold off on edits for the time being since you are working on it still, but i have been leavign comments on some of my fave chapters and plot developments and such. :)

atthecross (Rachel) said...

wow okay i FINALLY watched ur video of the drawing... SQUEE! i can't believe u can DRAW like that! it's incredible! i WISH i could draw with like a tenth of ur skillz. 'tis amazeling.