December 31, 2008

I'm having a MidWrite Crisis.

I can't seem to stick myself to my Vampire Novel, cause I'm to busy thinking of different Ideas, that I really like and want to follow, but I was hoping to finish my final draft before the end of 2009. I must be mental.. I dunno, but it's a good thing I write everything down.
Our interweb is bein screwy, just like our cable x_x it's a pain. 
Yesterday, I went to FYE and got 4 CD's- Muse, 30h3!, Fall Out Boy and Aly & Aj. Then I went to Barns & Noble, and got a bunch of books, including Abundance of Kathrines and 101 Rules for Writing. :D
It's been so nice and not cold, but now there's a foot of snow on the ground. I quit.
I'm off to be negative, so I can *try* to be positive


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