October 25, 2008

Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down, Never Gonna Run Around And, Desert You

Yeah, I'm so cool I Rick Roll maself. On a Daily Basis.
Lemme say, 'YAY I GOT ANY VIDEO CONVERTER SOFTWEAR!' Sooooo. I can convert Video from mum's digital cameral to WMV which I can edit on Movie Maker. Muahaha! AND I can import (export? I dunno) Videos from Youtube! Guess who has themself a Rick Roll Test Vid :D
I got some of the old stuff I have on the main house comp to, like Gif Animator. And I got this new paint. Better then MS Paint, not as good as Photoshop, but I Like it. I can find all my fav. music videos on youtube (or google vid, it converts tho too) for when I can usar la computadora.
My nose is running. Still, and I still can't draw anything, but thats okay, I'm happy; I just Rick Roll'd Maself, again :D
I'm really bored. I swear if st00pid doesn't check 'is email soon, so I can send him fun spam, Imma call im.
This suck too, I can't play my bassoon. I miss the taste of reed. But it doesn't matter, I couldn't play if I wasn't sick, thanks to the rubberbands.
Hurry, Skype Me- doofusmaximus or IM me- thedoofusmaximus before I become so bored I'll be forced to Write Harry Potter/Jonas Brothers Cross Over Fan Fiction!! (Why harry/jb? 2 Subjects I'm fond of) I'd call it Harry and The Boys and The Charmader Of Secrets (Oh noes she didn't, 123456 Pokemon) Teehee.


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