October 14, 2008

Animation, No Illness, Drawing Oh My!

I AM OFFICIALLY NOT SICK ANYMORE! Wheeee! Lemme tell you, this kicks arse! I was sick for 3-4 weeks, but now I officially feel better! Thank God, or the mile we had to run today would have been worse. But the mile did suck. I was supposed to make it in under 12 minutes. Instead I kinda walked most of it with 2 friends of mine. We took like 14 mins, 6 sec. I hope to God that I won't have to do it again. Cause, I REFUSE!
I've been playin' instruments too. I even cracked out Johann(my Bassoon). I've just been trying some different stuff. And I can play our new band peice too. :D
I've been drawing up the wazooo too. I have an octopus I'm working on, and a toco tucan I did in pastels(The problem was, when I sealed it, to aviod smudging, I held the can so close the white, grey and light blues I used for shading disapeared -_-)
I am Working on an Animation! So far I only have a few frames done in pencil, and I need to find the scanner softwear, so I can scan all the pages, but so far, so good. I'm not telling you what it is. But I will tell you that I may color it. And It should be a nice amout of frames. :D
So I'm like totally addicted to mango juice. I get cans of the Goya stooff. I've consumed like 3 in the past 24 hours. :D The problem is that no one wants to get me any more :( So Imma go juice my mango.... If I can figure out how...
And I just watched the new House Episode. I teared up at the funeral. It was just so sad. :(
What else..... Oh, if anyone has any instruments they have and don't want, I'll take 'em. You know; Oboe, Bass Clarinet, Trombone, Tuba, Piccilio, Percussion, Bari Sax, French Horn, or any others you can think off. (Yeah, I'm kidding.... or am I) And I still need to roll my 35$ in Quarters. AND I have EIGHT Youtube Subscribers. And Atomicus500 is one of them. OMG, he Kicks Ass!!!!!!! -sorryforthefangirlishmoment- So yeah. And I'm still working on people. I hate people, they suck and are weirdly perportionededed.
I'm off to do some drawing, and hopefully not suck.


OHOHOH! And don't forget to Skype me- doofusmaximus and check my youtube- TheDoofusMaximus I'm hopeing to get a new time-laps up soon. :d

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