October 15, 2008

Oh My G.F. Handle! It's F minor

Yeah, so School was pretty crappy, as usual.. But when I got home I saw a baby fox by our garage. I mean, it's not a baby, but it's not an adult eather. I named him Pudge, after the main character in 'Looking for Alaska' by John Green. <3>
I got myself a new solo for the bassoon, for winter solo fest. It's a level 4 and it's a bitch. Allegro in F Minor by G.F. Handel. It's a good song, but the sixteenth notes aren't the funnest thing in the world. Especially when the tempo is 104 BPM. And the notes are like, an octave higher then I have ever play.

I've been trying to draw. But I'm just creating a lot of suckish things. I mean, my shading has improved, but my resemblance has gotten even worse. ARG!

Project 'a' is going along okay. I need to google some stuff, so I can make sure I get things in the right way to sync. I just need a good tune to listen to as I work.

So yeah. I got another subscriber today. That makes 9. :D Yay! I feel so special, considering it's been weeks since I've put up a video. I just am pissing myself off with my lack of artistic skill. So I've been drawing a lot of animals and cartoon, to take a break, get my mind off portraits, so I can relax. If I get enough other drawings and paints ect. I may post a video of them. Put them on my Deviantart too. :S I can put Dr.Who Coverpages and stoof in it too...

So lend me your artistic ability, please. And buy me a dalek shirt! TeeHee. And Mango Juice!


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