October 18, 2008

KFC = Vegetarian's worst Nightmare

Mum dragged me in with her, she threatened to throw the vegetarian lunchmeat of mine out the window -_- The smell made me naucious(which I can't spell). the Veggie Lunch Meat was supposed to be ham, but if I remember right, it smelled and tasted like summer sausage, which tastes okay. (hey, it's been almost a year, you can't blame me for forgetting.
And I only mowed half the grandparents lawn, so I have to mow more tommorow x_x, but it's okay, cause the hill is mowed!
And best buys doesn't have the pen I need, so i have to get it online. Which sucks. Arse. -_-
Oh well. I'm still trying to draw. And my scannar wont work so I can t start scanning my animation, which pisses me off. Damn it! So yeah, not a happy camper, but I get allowance tommorow, 11.5614 Pounds Sterling. I forgot what else I had to say..... Oh well. I will just post again if I can remember. Cause I can do that. It's my blog.


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