October 12, 2008

Mangos Not Michaels

So I went to AC Moore, got more drawing pencils, a few charcoal pencils and a New Strathmore Sketchbook (the recycled kind, so not only did I not kill a tree, but it's GREEN! Literally. All their recycled pads are green.) Then I went To Michaels, another craft store. Their Prismacolor sale was only on 48 Set Pencils/Markers, so I would have had to spend 50 or 80 dollars! No way. So I get my Colorless Blender Pencils, and Strathmore colored paper, for pastels, and i was going to use my 50% off coupon for this Book 'Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces' by Carrie Stuart Parks. Michaels no longer lets you use coupons for books. WTF!!!!! I am NEVER shopping there again(okay, not true, next 50% off I am getting pencils, Prismacolor, cause they wont be on sale)but still. They SUCK!!!
I did get some Peppers and Mango and Mango Juice at the market tho. I Love mango. Then I made Mashed potatoes. :D Gosh, I could live on potatoes and Mangos.
So Imma find battries so I can draw, take pictures of the stuff I bought today. Oh and I'm still tring to wash the Kool-aid out of my hair. I'm thinking it's niftier then I thought :D


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