October 17, 2008

Yelled At for Skipping In The Library?

Yeah, My english teacher yelled at me when we went to the library for books, because I was skipping. But what can I say, I was happy. I was holding my own copy of 'Looking For Alaska' and had put Notes to Nerdfighters in all the John Green Books that the school Library had. So yeah, I skipped, sue me. I do fogive her for yelling at me, because she is pretty cool. Do you know why? She Met John Green! So she has to be awesome.

Update on the Tablet? Nope, I still cant find my pen, meaning, I'm going to have to buy a new one! CRAPITY CRAPITY CRAP! So that means I need my $30 Pen for the Tablet, 70+ To renew my website and host(yes I have a site, I'll post it once I get my site a new layout) and $350 for the band trip. And did I mention the cost of a Camera? My $35 in quarters wont cover it. I seriously want said camera, so I can get Carving my pumpkin on camera, along with some other ideas of mine.

So yeah, that's it? I took my dog sweetie for a walk today. I swear she tried to push me infront of moving cars. She has it in for me. Yeah, and we have this Halti collar, for more control and she was a total bitch about it. (ahaha. Get it, bitch, and sweetie's a female dog! I thought it was funny...)

I think thats it...... Okay, byzzzzzz for nowwwwwww


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