October 18, 2008


So yeah, I tooks mah PSAT today. At like 7:45 this morning x_x. I almost fell asleep. But that's okay, because, I was up late on blogtv and stuuf. I did okay on parts 1 and 3, both Inglish. Two and four, not so much. They were MATH. But that's okay. If I'mma be a music teacher, I only need to know fractions. I dun even need no book larnin'. (Okay, I'll stop being obnoxious now) So I took said test. The time inbetween was suprisingly entertaining. They wouldn't let us us mechanical pencilz tho.. I borrowed the kid next to me then. We walked threw the dark halls. I know where his locker is now, so it will take lots of restraint to not superglue it shut. XD
I guess I have to mow my grandparent's old lawn for the last time. -damnthatwretchedhill- So yeah, I'll be on later


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