October 16, 2008

123456 John Green. And Bassoons, And drawings and.... I dunno, Stuff

So I've been listening to '123456 Pokemon' by Lemon Demon, click To View, causing it to stick in mah head.
I HAVE THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!! I get to Read 'Looking For Alaska' for mah English Class! I started reading it yesterday, so when 'Independent Reading' was mentioned today, I started sputtering that I just started reading a book. I was told it had to be on the list; IT IS ON THE LIST! Along with loads of books I now want to read, and some that I already have. So yeah, I gets to read it for English Class, meaning, Easy Hundred Percent! Woo
I haven't seen Pudge(the fox) today. I'm kinda worried. I blame our hound dog for scarin him.
So music-wise, I'd say, I'm kicking ass. Band music is going really well. I'm actually practicing now! Can I get a Woot Woot? Yes, Yes I can; Woot Woot! And I just like, lost my solo for january, but I'll find it. I hope... Hey, did you know that the Bassoon and Trombone, not only read the same clef, but are in the same key? I didn't, so... YAY!!! Yeah, Band = I can't Hulahoop. I've been trying, but It's just been an 'EPIC FAIL!' so I need help. That is so sad. I've looked for youtube videos, but they don't seem to help much. Maybe it I try a bigger hoop...
Speaking of YouTube, I've been watching a lot of different people, but Three of my Very favorite are gingervlogz, Tforecast, and thecomputernerd01. They are all pretty nifty, so If you need something to watch, check 'em out. And TForecast has real nice blogtv shows too. I was there for most of their last 2. :D Brandon=Hilarious!
I've been *trying* to draw too. It's not working well for me. Except my animation project. I drew a few more frames and once I get them all drawn I will color them and then scan them. I'd need to use the main computer -eeeewwww- but it's okay. Did I mention what the animation is of? No? Good, cause I'm not plannin on it.
Project 'a' is in it's research stage, which is good. I want everything to, you know, sync. I don't want to rush it.
And you need to Skype Me, Please. I'm doofusmaximus. I'm just bored out of my mind. All the time. :P
And I have a really looooonnnng LLLLLIIISSSTTT of CD's I need to buy, of different bands I've been introduced to by people. And stuuufff. I just need the money for them. But I'd rather get a camera before I get CD's. Camera=Drawing Videos :D


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