October 13, 2008

Donde Esta El Chupacabra

Yeah, I just watched monsta quest with padre, the chupacabra. They killed all the dogs, and were carrying guns. I seriously hate those peoples.
I have 35 dollars in quarters. Be Jealous. And I am working hard on Project 'a', now including Soprano sax, clarinet and flute. Woo. And I've been drawing and doodling up a storm, and I've started a new drawing, I'll post the current progress (aka the nose) later . It's pretty suckish right now...I'm getting my cousin to start a blog. I'm such a Dweeb. :D But, who cares. And I've got some nifty Elephant and bird sketchies too
bird sketches.Elephant sketches
I can play happy birfday on the clarinet, I did it for Padre, and then on flute, and then soprano sax.(cause I'm to lazy to get my alto or tenor out. Or my bassoon). I guess I did okay. I'm still a tad squeekie on the clarinet, but that's to be expected, right? I mean, I'm not a clarinetist, I'm a basson playing saxophonist who felt like playing the clarinet. :D
Mum got dad bomberman for the wii, and I got him Mario Cart, for his birthday. We're all having a kickarse time. I always play as the green bookworm dude. Cause I'm coolieo like that, yo. Yeah, that's right, I rhyme.
I have to run the mile tommorow at school, in under 12 minutes. I'm going to die, so it was nice knowing all of you. Hopefully it's on the track, so I can cheat. ;) (I'm kidding.... i think) I'm just going to try to not die. Yup.

I'm off To Draw and Work on Project 'a'. Yo


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