October 13, 2008

I can Play Clarinet! HAha!

So before you go, 'Woo, so can my 4th grade sister' lemme give you some info.
So first off, It's 12:20 AM EST (AKA My time zone). Less then half an hour ago I was playing the flute, which I haddn't in a long time. Using my ear for music, I can tell you that the song Titled(I think) Johanna, from Sweeney Todd, that Anthony Sings, the Chorus (I feel you, Johanna, I feel....) starts on a G, and is most likely in Eflat(I will keep writing out the song as I figure it out, I'm to lazy to do it now). So then I ran downstairs, got some Mango juice, and came back to have me digging out my clarient off my shelf, googling Clarinet Fingering Charts(shut up, you Perve. Or is it just me?) I found some nifty ones Here and just started playing. I mean, I've been playing sax for what, 6-7 years, so you'd tell me, Clarinet must be easy. It's different, even from soprano, okay. Last time I played it, I couldn't go higher then an Open G. Tonight(or this morning, whatever you wanna call it) I got all the way up the chart. This is GREAT! Okay, I can now keep writing my, well I dunno what it's called yet. So right now, we'll call it 'Project A'. This is great, lemme tell you. If only I could play brass.. Oh well, I dont need it.(much). So yeah.
Once the battries I found charge, I'll edit my last entries and add pictures.... Including this one :D I need to Show you earl (My Clarinet) and my Flute (it has not name)


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