October 19, 2008

Stonyfield Fars = <3

Right now I am eating Yogurt!!! Do you know the last time I did? (okay yesterday was the first day since forever, but you get the point) Most yougurts use Gelatin but Stonyfield Farms uses Pectin. That's imPectiable!
And I don't think I'm gonna see pudge again. Maybe he got to Alabama. I just hope he wasn't hit by a car..
Oh my, Harry and The Potters - Clickeh.They are A Band of wizardrock playing brothers. I want their CDs. Along with to many other to count. -Nerd- But more Imortantly, DRACO AND THE MALFOYS! Yes I mean, song titled 'In Which I kick Harry Potter In The Face'! They Radiate awesome.And the And The Parselmouths. OMG! fAnd The Remus Lupins, And The Hungarian Horntails, Ginny and the Heart Breakers. Oh My Gryffindor!! Harry Potter Fandom Overload.
Okay now that I am done spazzy, I think Im going to try to go draw something. I may post it if it isnt to crappy.


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