October 24, 2008

10 days later, I'm sick again

Yeah, I am sick. Again. Lemme tell you, I'm pissed. I woke up barely able to move, flung myself off the bed into a heap of clothes, and took forever to get down the stairs. Advil and Benadryl please, I couldn't breath.

So I skipped school and slept. A lot. Then I woke up and was unable to breath (still) and eat, thanks to the illnes and the Rubber Bands (orthodontist says I need to wear them 24-7, including while I sleep. I cxan only take them off to play the bassoon) So I hurt, cant eat or breath and I finished Looking For Alaska so I think I may do homework that I have for monday or draw. Sleeping no longer proves possible... Maybe I'll eat tomato soup, or vegetarian vegetable soup (no lie, that's it's name)

Bring me Decongestants, Damn it!


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