October 20, 2008

Mmmm. Candy

I Love candy Necklaces and Braceletts. So much infact that when mum was at walmart sshe bought me a pack. Even though Hannah Montanna is on the packaging, they dont taste lyk Dirt!

I've been working on my solo, for Bassoon. A FLAT (F MINOR) IS EVIL! Like seriously, how am I suuposed to go c to C# to E flat to a flat? I cant! URG! And then you have your fricken evil high notes. It's like, WTF, what Handel Trying to kill me?

And My tablet pen wanted to say, HI, he is founded! Note the Green electrical tape keeping him from falling apart. Again. But yeah, Foundededed him!
I'm off to Draw and practice the wonders the bassoon is. (That was tune to 'off to see the wizard' seriously. I sang as I typededed)

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