October 21, 2008

He must be a future Creeper

The Creepy kid. Just wont leave me alone. Nothing I do works. I tell him he's a dipwad, he laughs, I say 'Rot in Hell' he tries to poke me. He's A CREEPY SENIOR! I need to hire a hitman. Yes, that's it.
So other then that, school was okie dokie. I mean, I sat out at gym -coughcough- so I got out early too :) Even my thinking classes (last 2, english and history) were easy. I'm not complaining. And for Art Club I painted a Pumpkin, Mr. Angry Face. He has green hair :d I likes 'im.
Then we had a meeting for the brownies, and only 2 showed up, a 3rd grader and a second grader, but they are sweet kids, so I cant complain. (I could but no one's listening [5 points if you can tell me the song that's from])
And then I got home, had me a Grilled Cheese and logged on.When I was on youtube, I watched JordanIsSoCoolLike's new Video, Here and smiled, being mentioned in the end. I like being mentioned, makes me feel special. I gave him an Idea for a horror novel. I would use it myself, but I suck at writing anything. XP So yeah.
And Because you don't Care- McCainPalin- Because A Baby Can't Keep You From Killing It, Because Adoptions Always an Option, Because Every life counts. (Dont ask. I was just argued with infront of a bunch of 8 year olds because I'm not Pro Choice [to kill an innocent baby because you were stoopid and got it on unprotectedly out of wedlock]
A Slightly less Apathetic


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atthecross (Rachel) said...

and once again you have a huge hug from a person u dont even know... because i know very few people who are pro-life but it is sooo true what you said! so yays for you!