October 21, 2008

Threadless Login- YAY!

So I FINALLY got my new threadless password. I didn't miss to much. In fact, theres some new shirts I would love, but I lack funds. They have GREAT shirts, you can find them Here! I suggest you go there and get some. And some for me too, cause I lack funds to get any myself.
So yeah I've been searchin' stuff online and just reading fan fics (which is odd, I dont usually) And I've been on threadless.
So I'm going to get my allowance back, quicker then imagined :d I just brought Harry[My laptop] Down into the kitchen and listened to music on him while I swept and cleaned. They didn't care, as long as they didn't have to do anything. -lazyparents- And I gotted to Skype mah couzin while cleaning. It's nice to talk to her so much.
So School wont be fun tommorow, because it is never fun. But Im hoping it isn't so boring I fall asleep, Like I almost did to day.
That reminds me. I refuse to have My Intellegence Insulted. You can call me ugly, insult my choice in clothing and books, but you do NOT for any reason call me stupid. Because I don't know what a hot comb is, a boy in my reading group actually told the one teacher I was retarded. I seriously was so pissed, I couldn't talk, my teeth had to stay clenched so I wouldn't yell at him. My fists were shaking, and I couldn't keep my legg still. I could have jumped across the room and smashed his face on the desk and tried to strangle him untill he turned blue. I was so pissed that the end of 7th(english, when I was insulted) and 8th period(history) I was still angry. And art club (9th prd) my pumpkin was a Mr.Angry face. So yeah, that ass better not say anything, or I will yell at him durring english tommorow.
Suddenly I am very very very very pissed.


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