October 25, 2008

I hate being sick

Yeah, I'm still sick. Ive done a lot of sleeping and attempted drawering some people, but everything is so suckish, I refuse to post any of it. I finished looking for Alaska Yesterday. It sucks that It over, so I need to get me Kathrines and Paper Towns.
And stupid person says 'I have a new email I will check more often' yet they haven't. It's no fun to send random emails to a friend if they arent read.
And I'm compliling my christmas list (Yes, I know there's like, 2 months till Christmas). It's all CD's, so it's more for me to see which ones I own and which ones I lack.
I havent talked to my cousin, cause she's sick too. I'm now having skype withdrawls. Terrible Terrible skype withdrawls.
I'll prob. Post later, when my nose stops running


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