October 23, 2008

Death Shall Conquer All... Because Love is Lame

Sorry for the negative title, I was flipping threw some random things I had written down, and I liked this best. Normally I'm all for lovie-dovie(believe it or not, i'm a romantic at heart) but right now, I'm just really annoyed of people who have people they call their boyfriend/girlfriend. Maybe I'm jealous, maybe im cynical, or it's a combo of the 2. It doesn't matter.
So I was ill this morning, so I missed 1st period, boy will the art teacha' be pissed tommorow. Oh wait, Thou shalt not give one shit.[pardon my shakesperian french] Typography-Not That hard. Geometry is a bunch of notes on quadrilaterals and parralelograms(I know that's wrong. I didn't know that till after I took all my notes. In Pen.) Band, I kicked arse. I happen to be almost as amazing as I was, like, 2 years ago, on the bassoon, this time with braces (yeah, that means Pwnage if you ask me) Yeah, I can totally play my high register -Huzzah! And then what, spanish? Boredom, except the fact that I Associated a Spanish Verb.. With A GERMAN one! Achtung! As in Achtung Fertig Los Und Lauf. [5 gold stars if you can name that song] And then retard-o tag games in gym. But Science was fun. Hangman and Tic-Tac-Toe!
And I'm to the 'After' section of Looking for Alaska and I totally flipped mah lid when that thing happeded to that person. Ugh! I dwelled on it all of history, working on meh projectamundo!
And that's it? Can't be it. But it's it?
-Nooo. There's still the orthodontist.
-Oh yeah
If I don't wear rubber bands, I will have to get Jaw Surgery. Yeah.
-So that's it?
-What else is left?
-Art you dork
-Oh yeah. I've been drawing non-stop. Realism and Cartoon,erm,ism? Birds and people. Imma do some watercolor parrot(s) more specifically Macaw(s) for my grandparents soon. I wanna get enough practice in, before I get all, 'Let's do This' on the nice paper. And I cant really do my animation in pencil -SAD- because the scanner is not working. Tis suckish. Very suckish. I may do something in paint and put it on youtube vids If I could get it going fast enough between frames. I'd be awesome.
Now is that it?
-Thank you

AITN (and Her conversing Alter Ego)
**PS, 30th blog in how many days. I be addicted,yo**

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