October 22, 2008

Second Blog = Nerd Time

Ner-Ner-Ner-Ner Ner-Ner Ner, Cant Out nerd This. (to the theme of hammer time)

Yeah, so, update on the Band Trip..... I SHOULD get my Alowance back, meaning I should be able to pay for the Trip adventually! Which is the best ever! I mean, I have 11 dollars made on something online. [I bet you could guess what it is..] which is good. So I'm half way to Flo-rida! I do wonder what I will be playing. I mean, I will need Bari for the Parades, but if we do any workshops or anything, will they let me play the Bassoon? I mean, Ich Leib Meine Fagott. Ist Ehrfurcht gebietend! (I love my bassoon. It's Awesome. I think, im deutsch.)
And my site layout, I'm keeping the code I have so Far and making a new Image, with things for text in the same place. I really hate the image I'm using now. It's suckish. So Imma replace it :D
And I think my drawings have become even worse. Much worse. Oh well.
Oh Back to Bassoon. I've Improved! I had a music lesson, and my constant practicing have totally paid off. My Awesome Bassooning just became more awesome! Haha!


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