October 19, 2008

No chance of Getting to Go

So yeah, My allowance was cut, from a bit over 11 pounds, to, um, 1/4 of that. My mum is evil, and does less then I do, so adventually I'll get my chores and allowance back. It's just a bit of a waiting game.
I've been working on a new layout for my website, and getting my blog onto it. No luck as of yet with the blog. But on the Website I only need to make 6 image maps (or 2, one of 4 and one of 2). So that is good. Then I will start translating the site. (For practice I'm translating it to Spanish and German. Ich Leib Deutsch) And then I need to get adsense on it and I'm dones! Okay, then I have to put it on all the pages and get it to look okay.... Crap!
And I think I may try to draw Harry Potter's own Dan Radcliff. I dunno yet. Oh and I found an old comic I drew about a year ago (almost exactly) so I think Imma re-draw it and show in a year how much I've improved. (Atleast I hope I've improved.) Yeah, that's it. School tommorahh. -ich-


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