October 22, 2008

His Body's Decomposing in my Locker

Okay, that's the best movie quote ever, from the movie Stand and Deliver. The character Angel said it. It's an old movie, in fact the mail character played along Jen lopez as Salena's father in Salena. Wow. We do watch some old movies en la clase de espanol. And Creepy guy is starting to be a tad less annoyering. We're hopeing he's done for good. Soon. Very Soon.
So we all know I'm a huge band geek, right? Well, my bassoon smells like Maple Syrup/Brown Sugar. You're Jealous. Oh! And I was smart enough to get a chair, so I can get my Bassoon out of the Locker. [It's in the top locker, and I am short. -ishsosuckish-]
I have an ortho appointment. I get to get yelled at for not wearing rubbe bands :(
Wow, Im so boring, I cant think of anything to say. Oh well.



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